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How many sessions might I need?

My usual practice is to work for up to 8 sessions and then review with you how the therapy is progressing. Some people find this is enough to meet their needs. Others engage in therapy for a few months up to a few years depending on the nature of their issues and the complexity of past experiences. In these cases the therapy will be reviewed regularly, roughly every couple of months. Therapy works best if individuals attend on a regular basis, weekly for the majority of the sessions and then tapering to longer time intervals in between as they start to feel better and work towards an ending.

FAQ. Therapy room

Where and when do sessions take place?

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be an issue, I am offering sessions via the online platform Zoom.

In more normal times, I see people for appointments during the daytime from Mondays – Thursdays. Sessions take place in a ground floor room, situated on the south side of Cambridge city near the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The location is easily accessible via public transport, and by car from the M11 or A14 and there is free parking on the driveway and nearby roads.

How long is each session?

Initial appointments last 60 minutes and subsequent sessions 50 minutes. Initial appointments provide an opportunity for us to meet, get an overview of the issues you would like to discuss and see how we both feel about working together. If, for any reason, we both feel that another therapy or agency would be more suitable, I would be happy to re-direct you.

How much do sessions cost?

Session fees are currently £55.00 for daytime appointments.

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